Faith in Nature Aluminium Refill - A - Bottle 450ml

Faith in Nature Aluminium Refill - A - Bottle 450ml

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A 450ml aluminium refillable bottle with pump by Faith in Nature.

Sold empty, can be ordered as is, or filled with a liquid of your choice. If you wish to purchase a liquid in this refillable 450ml pump bottle please add this bottle to your order and order 15x the liquid of your choice to order a pre-filled bottle (or any multiple of 30ml up to 15 units).

eg £4.16 for 450ml of hand or body wash. £2.40 for 450ml of washing up liquid.

Choose from washing up liquid, hand wash and body wash.

Zero-waste and 100% guaranteed to look great on any sink, your refill ritual just got shinier. Our aluminium refill-a-bottle is here to help you reduce plastics in your day-to-day, because we know that simple swaps can make all the difference. So get ready to refill, reuse and repeat with your Faith In Nature favourites.

Key benefits:

  • refillable and reusable
  • looks great on the counter/sink!


  • holds up to 450ml
  • bottle: aluminium, pump: plastic