Borax Substitute 750g
Borax Substitute 750g
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Borax Substitute 750g

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A 750g bag of ecoLiving Borax Substitute, also known as Sodium Sesquicarbonate and Limescale Preventer powder.

A multipurpose cleaner, stain remover and water softener, this natural, eco-friendly borax substitute is also known as Sodium sesquicarbonate - a mineral compound crystal of soda crystals and sodium bicarbonate. It has a similar pH to borax, making it ideal for cleaning and laundry. It combines the abrasive power of Bicarbonate of soda with the instant degreasing powder of soda crystals.

Sodium Sesquicarbonate is a great all-purpose cleaning solution for cleaning many household items and surfaces all around your home. It effectively removes stains from clothes, boosts laundry detergent, softens water and aids with overall cleaning. It is also highly effective at removing limescale, cleaning surfaces and floors, baths, sinks and bins.

Usage instructions:

Clean surfaces, all-purpose cleaning
Dissolve two tablespoons of borax substitute in a litre of hot water. Spray or wipe the solution onto surfaces. Otherwise, sprinkle Borax Substitute onto surfaces and wipe down with a clean damp cloth. Do not use on aluminium surfaces.

Stubborn stains in kitchens and bathrooms
Clean and remove stains in kitchens and bathrooms. To remove stubborn stains, make a paste of Borax Substitute and apply directly to the stain. Leave for a few minutes and then wipe off. To make a gentle scouring paste, mix equal quantities of Borax Substitute, Bicarbonate of Soda and Salt, then add water to make a paste. Simply apply to surface equipment and then wipe clean.

Boost Laundry detergent
Add two tablespoons to your detergent dispenser to soften water and aid cleaning.

Pre-soak your laundry
Add approximately 200g of Borax Substitute to a bucket of hot water. Add clothes and leave to soak. Wash as normal after soaking. For difficult stains, make a paste of Borax Substitute with water and apply directly to the stain. Allow to stand and then wash as normal.

Cleaning toilets
Neutralise odours and removes limescale by pouring 300g down and around the bowl. Leave overnight before flushing away.

Carpet cleaner
Sprinkle a handful of Borax Substitute onto carpets, let it stand for 1 hour, then vacuum. The fabric will be cleaned and deodorised.

Clean and deodorise your bin
Sprinkle a handful of Borax Substitute in water, then use it to clean, disinfect and deodorise your bin.

Key features

  • Made in the EU
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Home compostable packaging
  • Resealable packaging
  • Vegan friendly


  • Packaging: Resealable kraft paper bag and home compostable plant-based film.
  • 100% home compostable packaging, plastic-free
  • 750g


  • Reseal bag after use or store in a closed container, in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.